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Rana Khoury and pianist Farag Sleiman perform a piece of poetry by Najwan Darwish in Palfest’s event in Haifa, June 3rd
رنا خوري وفرج سليمان يقدمان شعر من أشعار نجوان درويش على مسرحنا في حيفا

Poetry: ‘Email from Rumi’ | Leigh Cuen



Come to my side, I will open the gate
We have always been connected
unlock me with your tongue
plug into me
with bolts of tenderness
our unity revealed
is the light of truth manifest
I was once the prisoner
of a little pond
you are the sapphire ocean
come, merge with me
leave this tropic of ignorance
you will find your spark
deep inside me
buried in a white seashell
stretch out your hand
I will open the gate.